Well, this is for the Third Conception Tournament.

I know that there's some progress making there. So far, we got more than 20 towers in the roster out of 32. But the rest? None of the have reached 20 and above. But that's fine!

While the nominations are going on, I thought of making the divisions for the Third Conception Tournament.

16 - 1

Sorry if the camera is a bit bad. Or the drawing is blurry.

I know that the drawings you will see below will look terrible, but that's what I thought of the large size of 32 conceptions using the original style.

I made another style for the divisions. I thought of it while messing around with Microsoft Power Point for some fun. That was when I thought of doing it the same way for the divisions of the tournament!

I think that the absurd number of the conceptions may or may not fit in the original style of the divisions... So, I think I have an idea.

How about I'll divide the 32 divisions into 2?

Well, here is the photo of it.

16 - 2

Another crappy drawing. Also, below is the logo/banner. That one there is my version of HotAirBalloon's Banner/Logo of the Third Conception Tournament

But anyway, while the nominations are going, I think it's time to vote for which Division Style is better! (If I ever get a chance to make a poll.)

Division Style A

If it blends in with the dark blue color, it is not me to blame for it.

Division Style B

16 on each side.

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