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"Oah is an expression commonly used when responding to a comment which results in utter shock or amazement, or if the comment is simply stupid. Often used with both a question mark and an exclamation point, oah is said as a mixture of what and oh."

Final Boss of BCoW
Vital statistics
Title Best Worst User on the wiki
Gender The Best one
Race Yes
Faction League of One Man Armies.
Health All of it
Level Get on mine bro
Status Perfect
Location right behind you

Hi, I draw stupid stuff and occasionally will make small stupider animated loops.

While i'm slowly working my way to rule this website with a Reign of Fury, Don't be afraid to ask me for help or request stuff as far as drawings (i.e. Conceptions) go. I may deny it with a iron fist but I also may gracefully accept it if I'm not busy with other projects that require hand and foot of me. :3

Disclaimer: I'm not as good as most for some reason say ಠ_ಠ ... but I certainly try my best (for the majority of a picture xD)

If you have a problem with something I drew or have something to say/criticize on said picture, feel free to let me know with what is wrong with and if I agree, then i'll gladly fix it and/or take it into consideration in the future. C:
MediaSpecialistbySteviegt6 This user is a media specialist! His/her media has been recognized as some of the best in BCoW!

Stuff I've made so far!

BTD5 Bloons Attempts

MOAB and the DDT

BFB Attempt

ZOMG Attempt

N.O.P.E. Mr.OAHs Version


Ice Throwing Monkey Attempt

Techno Terror Attempt

Stuff I've made/recreated for people per request!

B.P.F.W. for Sonic Eagle

O.L.E.O. for DougieBomber12

Simple Dart Monkey Pose for Logologologol

M.E.S.A. For Kamarin

L.E.G.A.L. For Doue (Swinging Hammers)


Corrupter Campaign

The Corrupter (W.I.P.)

Corrupter Campaign

Bloons and Blimps

Corrupter Campaign Tower and Etc.

Hopefully More to come!

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