Pink Bloon 2

A Pink Spawner Bloon


A Blue Spawner Bloon, by Logo

Spawner Bloons Spanw can spawn a bloon that's 2 ranks lower than itself every 2 seconds. Like Camo Bloons and Regrowth Bloons, it's more of an effect so any bloon can be a Spawner Bloon (though it's useless for Red, Blue and Nuke Bloons) In appearance, it has a black "+" symbol on it, but Black Bloons have a white one instead. What the bloon spawns will be based on the Evolution Map, thus some bloons can spawn multiple types of bloons (for example, a Spawner Two-Faced Bloon can spawn Lead Bloons, Aqua Bloons, Black Bloons and White Bloons), they still only spawn 1 at a time though.


Disguise Bloons do not effect the disguise layer.