Only My Railgun can shoot it! IMASUGU!

LOL because I love that song so much =))

Anyway, this mission have a special tower like the Wizard Lord mission, it's the Railgun and it'll be the ONLY tower you'll ever have! The Railgun is like a Dartling Gun that shoots 3 darts at once (it's like 3 Dartling Guns crumped together into one) but it can be upgraded to 4/4 and each upgrade only cost twice as expensive as its responsive upgrade for the Dartling Gun (seeing how it's 3 times stronger...). For the Ray of Doom upgrade, it won't shoot 3 Ray of Dooms, instead it'll shoot a blue Ray of Apocalypse that have the good old infinite pierce and can pop bloons thrice as fast! If the Railgun is upgrade to 4/4, it'll shoot that deadly beam AND shoot 9 Hydra Missiles at once (ack!) AND have that ability that will kill 300 bloons instead of 100! This mission is a 50-round mission at the Blootonium Lab that only have Black Bloons and up, and there's a big difficulty bump/spike where you think the player will buy a level 4 upgrade (around round 30 and 40, maybe?) There's also a special bloon just for this mission at round 50, taking the role of "the blitz loop this planet to search way" in the song (damn... XD) It's a big golden blimp that moves as fast as a BFB (yep!) and randomly spawns MOABs every few seconds, AND randomly shoot huge missiles as YOU, which instantly kill you if you don't destroy it first. The blimp has 15000 HP and spawns 4 ZOMGs when popped. This mission is more like a shooter mission than a defense mission XD The blimp is called the BLITZ (Blimp of Literal Indestructibility from the Thermal Zone)

Reward: 1500 Monkey Money