E.V.A. Suit

A Dart Monkey in both variants of E.V.A.suit.

The E.V.A. Suit is a Terrain Agent that can spawn in Outer Space. It costs 40 Monkey Money, and allows you to place monkeys inside of it in Outer Space. You can't put vehicles and buildings inside it though.

Pro Upgrade: Powered Armour!

After 50 uses, you can use the E.V.A. Suit Pro, which adds an AD of 1 to the tower placed inside, due to extra padding. The E.V.A. Suit Pro can also be placed on the Thermal Zone, due to a heatproof coating allowing it to not be roasted by the star's intense heat.

Epic Upgrade: Arm Cannon!

After 60 uses, you get the Epic upgrade (Which costs 60 Monkey Money to use.), which adds a powerful plasma cannon to your tower's left arm. The plasma cannon's shots explode upon popping three bloons. I'll add in a circle for the blast radius later.


  • The E.V.A. Suit can also have living special agents equip it.
  • The arm cannon is based off of the Blaster weapon in Fraxy, which does heavy AOE damage to several parts of a boss.