The Dartbooth is like a tollbooth on the track, except... their tickets are sold for bloon layers/health. It takes 1 second to prepare for a "service" though (during that time any bloon can sneak through). Every bloon that passes this booth will lose a layer, but it takes 1 second to "reload"

Price: 700$ on Medium

Path 1

Faster Service

The monkeys at the booth have been trained to work faster! Now they only takes 0.5 second to prepare for a service!

Price: 600$ on Medium


The monkeys have decided to make this booth an outpost! Now it has a range circle and can enhance the range of the towers in its range by 30% in radius!

Price: 800$ on Medium

Instant Service

These monkeys work so quickly they don't take anytime to prepare the service at all!

Price: 2500$ on Medium

MOAB Service

Special: Even MOABs and BFBs pay! When this ability is activated, any MOAB or BFB that passes this gate will get a special "ticket" that instantly pops it. Works for 7 seconds!

Price: 8500$ on Medium

Path 2

Expensive Ticket

The Dartbooth has recently published a new kind of ticket! Bloons must pay 2 layers to get it!

Price: 1000$ on Medium

Confusing Ticket

Some monkeys have decided to print their tickets with ancient codes, making the bloons which read them be stunned for 2 seconds!

Price: 1600$ on Medium

Long-term Ticket

The bloons must gradually pay for these tickets over time so they became so angry that they burnt after getting these!

Price: 1400$ on Medium

Premium Ticket

The monkeys have made a contract with Monkeywood and published some Super Premium Tickets with their new PR technologies! These tickets cost 5 bloon layers, no less!

Price: 8000$ on Medium