• Northener

    Source References

    July 11, 2020 by Northener

    Use these if you want, idrc

    Description - In game description

    Effect - stats, if unexplainable, in depth explanation

    x x x x x


    Cost $x $x $x $x $x

    Description - In game description

    Effect - stats, if unexplainable, in depth explanation

    Level Description Effect



















    Speed Pierce Range PP Immunity PP Other

    Popping Power Lead, etc.

    There will be more when i think of them

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  • SandwichPencil

    There is some big news going on here. A user named Mind Luxor has been using spam. A really, REALLY, REALLY huge amount of spam on this thread, known as "The Ban-Game". And I never like to deal with these things by overexaggerating. BUT trust me, Mind Luxor's text wall completely blocked any responce from this thread. I could never respond because the giant text wall was covering everything.

    I looked a bit deeper into Mind Luxor, and as it turns out. He has vandalised certain pages and responded to certain people about weird scenarios.

    Anyways, the point is, his behaviour is unacceptable by means of vandalism and abusive spamming. So if the ban game lives up to its name. He could be banned. Or blocked. Or whatever punishment suits. I don't k…

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  • Grabadora304

    All I did was create 2 towers and they're automatically featured. How does featuring work on this wiki?

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  • SandwichPencil

    I'm so sorry I left without a word, really sorry guys.

    I don't know what got into me, I think I lost a sense of creativity while playing some forum games. I left roughly at the same time as ApricotsPensAndAlligators and I never said anything about this, until now.

    The reason I left is not because of quarantine, I was fine all the way, I just left unconsious of my own being. Then I forgot all about this wiki. Again, I am dearly sorry.

    From here on, I'll make a status that shows my activity.

    Kind, overapologetic regards:


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  • Luckyluxiuz

    I am new here and I am wondering if you need pictures for your conceptions?

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  • Creepervilesavior


    May 8, 2020 by Creepervilesavior
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  • Creepervilesavior

    Fanficists here is a fanfic idea or at least inspiration

    Here is the materials for making the fanfic.

    the lore is that the bloons stole an ancient artifact with infinite power known as the turnip.


    quincy: strengths=extreme precision with a bow. Weaknesses=pretty much useless when he doesn't have a bow.

    gwendolin: strengths=extremely powerful flamethrower, also slightly fire resistant. Weaknesses=gets distracted by flammable things and starts burning them at the worst possible times.

    obyn greenfoot: strengths=Has tons of forest spirits and high control over the forest. Weaknesses=fire, gwendolin, blastapopolous, fire, fire, fire, and, oh, did i mention fire?

    captain churchill: strengths=TANK! Weaknesses=his tank is slow and he is weak to bo…

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  • Creepervilesavior
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  • Creepervilesavior


    May 5, 2020 by Creepervilesavior

    big explosives Losers think that sarcasm does stuff

    Ok lemme test something else

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  • Creepervilesavior
    "Hear me, all Bloonian Minions! Take heed of the directive established by your God! For too long, the universe has been mired in the vile weakness and infirmity brought upon by every life form outside this system! They allow the insecure and the frail - the unilateral scum of all existence - to survive and proliferate, purifying the gene pool of this plane of existence, as well as all other planes of reality! By our decree, this "niceness" must come to an end. As the glorious Bloon Empie, the cause with which all of you shall be one, we will purge the universe of all its weeds! We shall rise our fists to all the runts of the litter, the freaks and layabouts of existence, and cleanse them from the face of the universe! We shall exterminate …
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  • Creepervilesavior


    May 3, 2020 by Creepervilesavior


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  • Creepervilesavior


    May 3, 2020 by Creepervilesavior
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  • Creepervilesavior


    April 30, 2020 by Creepervilesavior

    Destructoooom Protect the ancient orbs 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚫️⚪️🟤


    And as we see here, we see the entire conception “overly complex monkey” spinning in circles!


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  • Creepervilesavior

    Test bloons

    April 29, 2020 by Creepervilesavior

    test bloons are bloons that are exclusive to sandbox and are mainly used for testing. Their weakness is x/3+/x druid's thornvine attack, which, for some reason, deals 10 million damage to them. Only ghost types are affected by this weakness, though.

    ghost bloon: the only test bloon in the official BTD6. Has 10,000,000 (10 million) HP. x/3+/x druids can 1HKO them with their thornbush attack.

    ghost bloon MK2: looks like the ghost bloon but 50% bigger. Has 100,000,000 (100 million) HP. x/3+/x druids's thornbush attacks deal 10,000,000 damage against it. Contains 3 ghost bloons.

    ghost bloon MK3: looks like the ghost bloon MK2 but 50% bigger. Has 1 billion HP. Contains 3 ghost bloon MK2s.

    ghost MOAB: a ghost bloon in the shape (and size) of a MOAB.…

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  • AnotherPersonAsAlways

    Remember me? The guy who contributed to many forum games in the past, the same person who made memes for comedic purposes and also for reasons to enforce the rules of this wiki (Even though I'm not an admin heh). Well now I'm back, because yeah, that was needed.

    I don't really know how to introduce myself but I'll be out here for forum games and stuff because I can. Why did I leave? Well, I had some issues forgetting my password and stuff but after I got everything figured out I'm back to stay at home and pop bloons.

    Also, I have a currently active alt account, you'll never guess who it is. (Unless you actually guess correctly heh.)

    As I said, I don't know what to do for this blog, so uhh, nice to meet some new guys. (Even though most of you …

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  • Northener


    April 5, 2020 by Northener

    So, due to me being lazy, im allowing people to give me ideas for BMW, trtust me i edit it every day, your idea will probs get in, the only rules are no new towers or bloons, im not uo to doing those. Anyway, give me your greatesdt ideas as i need help

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  • Cutterfish12345


    March 26, 2020 by Cutterfish12345

    {{Template |title1=Phytonoids |image2=

    Their other physiological processes like digestion, thinking, movement, etc are totally similar to humans.

    Phytonoids are omnivorous but are strictly meatatarian, however minor amounts of plant material i.e. herbs, spices are allowed. According to phytonoids, only chilis, rosemary, and one certain type of wheat can be consumed. Eating plant material is widely discouraged. Phytonoid cuisine usually consists of roast meats of ingenious animals and fish. They also make cakes, pastries, buns, and other sweetdishes. There are many regional variations in the types of food eaten, ranging from simpler village fare to the elaborate roasts, cakes, and other delicacies.

    Phytonoids are reputed as extremely peaceful…

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  • SandwichPencil

    Hello, it's-a me, Mario (

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  • BloonyTunes

    hi :3

    January 1, 2020 by BloonyTunes

    how do I do this wiki thingy

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  • Planterobloon

    Exactly what it says on the tin. If you had to pick some conceptions that really represent BCoW over the years, what would you choose? I feel like a lot of Meta's would be there, but it's been so long I really don't remember.

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  • Totallynotnemo40

    hey idiots im back

    December 1, 2019 by Totallynotnemo40

    im totally not nemo40

    i will totally not figure out advanced tech

    i will TOTALLY NOT destroy your wikia with vpn :)

    i totally didnt pay to MAKE YOU SUFFER :)

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  • Thermoxin

    Title. A good chunk of my pages are outdated, so I'd like help from talented editors in updating them to a standard that Ninja Kiwi would appreciate.

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  • Cutterfish12345

    Hey guys. You all have noticed that I love to make art. Many users have appreciated me and have even given me requests for arts. It's sooo good having all the respect. I'm gonna be the all-powerful ruler of this wiki. Muahahahaha!!! My artwork has evolved much over the millennia months. So I thought, hey I should make a blog post of the evolution. So I have. Enjoy.

    The Stone Age. The Ancient Age. The Age of Good 'Ol Drawings. Whatever you want to call it. This is the earliest of the ages. You might have seen them in some of my early conceptions, Monkey Tank, Bloontonium Turret, etc. All of them were drawn on a diary, colored, had a photo snapped, and were uploaded on the wiki. This was a VERY SLOW process. I remember it took me almost two weeks…

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  • Tkhemili04

    BTDU Art Coming Soon!

    October 4, 2019 by Tkhemili04

    So for those who are unaware, my major conception, BTDU, lacks art. There is some art, but really only for regular bloons and two towers. 

    I didn't think that the art i was making was that good. Not to mention, the Candy Monkey has many missing features such as the tail.

    The art was made in the application, which I now realize i'm not good at it.

    I need two things. Paper and a pencil. 

    Yes, I will literally draw the art and probably take photos of it. So far, I have finished all Primary Towers, and two Military Towers.

    I thought i'd announce this because it's been so long since i've really made any art. And also, the bloons are not being remade, as there is no reason to remake any of their designs.

    I will publically release all of the …

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  • Tent2

    Artwork requests are now up!

    September 9, 2019 by Tent2

    Yep. As you just read in the title, artwork requests are now up. Althought for this wikia's conceptions only.

    You can give me either a image or just details of your conception and i'll try to have it done as soon as possible.

    If you haven't seen my drawings yet; here are some examples.






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  • Cutterfish12345

    So I was thinking of a new tower, a magic one. I wanted it to attack like a primary tower but have magical powers. I took a look in BCoW and found out that very little fan-made towers fight with spears. That gave me an idea, a monkey attacking with spears, probably stabbin' a bloon or throwing it like a javelin or what not. And later upgrades would give it magical powers. That's one thing done, but, what to name it? Days came and went. Still no idea. So one day I was browsing through the Kingdom Rush Wiki, one of my favorites, and read the article about Savage Warriors. I got very intrigued by em and found out the name of the new monkey: Monkey Savage. I'm planning on these guys to throw spears with deadly accuracy at bloons and...gulp...e…

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  • Thermoxin

    I'm back... maybe?

    August 19, 2019 by Thermoxin

    Hey, uh, it's me. Now that school's starting up again, I'm probably going to come back and finish up my BTD7 if I have the motivation. I doubt that I'll be editing as much as I used to, but it's something.

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  • Keanu246

    On YouTube, the series is made by Superjombombo. See this videos below.

    Coming soon...

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  • Keanu246

    Hello, I owned the wiki that you needed.

    Special thanks to user Ivy356 for making the wiki!

    My wiki is MilkDroplet's game Packin' Profit.

    I found those videos on YouTube, so I only got 4 videos for now on.

    Watch those videos and see the gameplay related to our wikis.

    If you want to support us, subscribe to our channel link below.

    Wikis link is up in the blog.

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  • Shiverpeace

    Shiverpeace here is starting an unofficial Adoption Centre. Adopt this penguin please; this penguin needs a new home and a loving carer.

    He's feathery, dedicated, and scores 10/10 in the self-preservation category.

    Fond of clubbing people he finds suspicious.

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  • GunnerDomination

    Hi there. I would like to advertise the Super Smash Bros. Character Creator wiki. It's a conception wiki, just like this one, but for Super Smash Brothers ideas instead of Bloons. It's currently dying (last edit was 2 weeks ago, "Renux smash" and I are the most active members at this point, and my last edit was a spam removal) so I thought talking about on a wiki that does the same kind of thing would be a great idea. This is the linkand I'm hoping to repopularise the wiki. Coming back to the title of the post, I don't even know if advertising other wikis is allowed, so I'd like to be told if it's not. Otherwise, have a great day and happy domination!

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  • Convicted Tomatophile

    delete this crap right now

    dont actually :c

    Heya, I'm Steviegt6, and I hate the word blog. This will just serve as a place to list all the images I've made/edited so my profile doesn't get filled up.

    There are TWO categories! "Original" and "Edited." Images in the "Original" category are images created by me. Images in the "Edited" category are just images I've edited (Mainly adding a glowing effect).

    If you wish to use any of these images (Edited ones within limit, too), please ask me first. If I say no, then you can't.

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  • Tkhemili04

    Hello, idk how many of you guys actually look at my conceptions but for those who do, you may notice some art on some pages such as the Candy Monkey or Astronaut Monkey. If it wasn't obvious, I used a lot of shape tools because I am awful at drawing on a computer.

    I am, however, pretty good at drawing with paper and a writing untensil such as a pencil. That being said, I am going to take a break from making art for most of my conceptions. This doesn't apply to things such as the bloons (even though I already made those) where they have very simple designs that don't require much effort to look good anyway.

    But when will I return to making art for my conceptions?

    Well, here's the thing. I'm still going to make them on the computer, but not by …

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  • Cutterfish12345

    You all may have noticed I'm not being that active. I'm currently being interested in ZTD. So as soon as it's finished, I'll be back.

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  • GunnerDomination

    Hi everyone!

    June 24, 2019 by GunnerDomination

    My first wikis were the and Conception wikis, which is why my user is what it is. I've made many a post on the SSBCC wiki, too. I love Conception wikis and Bloons, so this sounds like a great idea!

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  • Doue

    Conception Colosseum

    June 24, 2019 by Doue

    This post is for cataloguing all information regarding the Conception Colosseum.

    The conception colosseum is a biweekly design competition. Every edition, a new theme or rule will be provided, and conceptors will compete to make the best conception that fits with the theme of the competition. 

    Conceptors will have one week from the start of the competition to create and refine a conception suitable for the challenge. Then, there will be a voting period (by the community) as well as a judging period (by conception critics such as myself), and one conception will ultimately be chosen as the winner! The winner will be the conception that receives the most points during the voting period.

    Voting consists of choosing your top 3 favourite conceptio…

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  • Shiverpeace

    Basically, I am renewing a "cartoony picture-making service" that I first created a while ago except instead, it's a tad more professional. Patent pending.

    First come, first served. Pictures may take varying lengths of time to create depending on the day, type of image, image complexity, things regarding school, and other minor factors.

    I can make images in a cartoony style; if you're looking for excessive realisticness, this is probably not the place for it.

    Money-back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied. This service is free anyway.

    For a sample of my art style, see Pioneer Original.

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Want to collab with me to make a bloon? Put the request in the comments or just message me on my message wall and you might want to expand on some of the following!

    Not only is there a such thing as the weakest MOAB, but now, there is there a such thing as the weakest Bloon! With even less health than a red Bloon, it only needs a quarter of a road spike or half of a dart to be destroyed! It has been made fun of by the other Bloons, even Red Bloons, for being so weak! And the DDT, just don't ask.

    World's Weakest MORE OOFS A BLOON! It only takes 2 darts to pop this thing, 2! It is called MORE OVERPOWERED AWESOME-STUPID BOOTY. 

    Suggest more collabs in the comments!

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  • Cutterfish12345

    Cutterfish Games is a fictional game producer company. Its headquarters is currently unknown but rumours say it might be based in Asia. It makes fan games and movies based on real games. The owner of the company is Mr. Cutterfish12345. The games and movies it has produced are:

    • Bloons Tower Defense 7: Monkeys Rule
    • A Monkey's Worst Nightmare
    • Bloons: Reversed (in cooperation with TOTMG Entertainment)
    • Bloons: Clash of Worlds (in cooperation with other gaming companies)
    • Bloons Tower Defense 8: Wrath of The Corrupter
    • Zombie Tower Defense
    • Xtreme Smackdown
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  • Doue

    Ratings & Reviews

    June 18, 2019 by Doue

    A while ago I promised a bunch of users I would give their conceptions ratings & reviews but life got in the way and I forgot about them.

    To everyone who's requested a rating or review from me: could you please comment the conceptions in this blog post so I can keep track? I'll be able to tackle them once summer break rolls along for me.

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  • Shalom Sasson2


    June 16, 2019 by Shalom Sasson2

    I will no longer pollute the wiki with bad conceptions and I will only post on the Forum from now and on

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  • Byte + barq = awesome

    Hi guys. I have recently reached 100 edits on articles! (note: I will probably do a post every 100 edits).

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  • Shiverpeace

    Spoiler alert to those who don't want future BTD6 stuff to be spoiled, I guess.

    You've likely at least heard of the "Monkey Academy", of which according to leaks, is a tower (presumably a building) that is supposedly going to make its debut in a future BTD6 update. Here's the link I found the following upgrade info for the Monkey Academy here:

    For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, here are two highlights about the provided Monkey Academy's upgrades that I think could be considered rather interesting:

    x/3/x Upgrade: Wizards Library - Allows for Wizard Monkeys, Druids, and Alchemists to get Tier 2 upgrades on all paths.

    x/x/5 Upgrade: Dynamic D…

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  • TerraOfficial

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and don't say There are already enough BTD7's on here! We don't need another one!, as I want to share my ideas for it.

    So, in BTD7EG, everything would be the same as in BTD6, but with new towers (Charge Tower, Plasma Monkey and a secret tower (very secret omg)), returning towers (Dartling, Engineer, Chipper, Monkey Academy (Academy is in codes for BTD6 so it's still returning derp)), and even a new story mode. I will explain all these in detail when I make the page.

    So... can I make this a conception on this wiki?

    From TerraOfficial

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  • Oofoofoofoofoofoofoofoof

    Here, we can start a Bloons roleplay:


    • Any conceptions for blimps or bloons allowed.
    • Limit of 4 monkeys per user, no limit for bloons, although only 4 "boss bloons".
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  • Shiverpeace

    I, Shiverpeace, have constructed this "nested tab database" that I think looks pretty organized and provides all the information one could want for a game in a compact manner. Like a Bloonopedia, except more compact.

    This "nested tab database" below is just an example for proof of concept. After all, this is a Bloons Conception Wiki.

    I'm not exactly sure if mobile users are able to see the tabber, which may be a problem if others ever use this "pseudo-template" for their games.

    This type of tabber however, may be a well-organized way to include information in a game's page. The tabber below is an unfinished one of BTDI.

    UPDATE: Updated the tabber with bloons and road items.

    Feedback, thoughts, or suggestions?

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  • Cutterfish12345

    Art Gallery

    April 18, 2019 by Cutterfish12345

    Hi everyone Cutterfish12345 here AKA The Artist For Hire. Until recently I have learnt to upload to upload pictures on my original account. I have made a lot pictures on MS Paint. As I don't have access to a computer with Internet connection, I make pictures, snap a photo of them, and upload them. This blog is dedicated to all my photos uploaded on this wiki. I hope you like them.


    during Halloween]]

    ]] ]]

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  • Thermoxin

    Slight Inactivity

    January 24, 2019 by Thermoxin

    As some of you may know, my mom uses a device called Circle to restrict what websites I could visit. For some reason, I couldn't always visit sites, but I could always visit sites. Now that BCoW has transitioned to, I probably won't be as active as I previously was, and my edits will be in bulk. Just an FYI.

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  • LordMagotrap

    BTD 6 is out now on Steam. You can go get it here.

    It's kinda an low effort Java (i think) port, but it's Bloons, so who cares.

    Why am i bringing this up? Oh, nothing, nothing in particular.

    Hey, here is an unrelated fact: Minecraft has a large and bustling modding community, with thousands of mods available.


    Did you know that Minecraft runs on Java?




    Oh come on, you should have put the pieces together by now.

    My main point is, that down the line, BTD 6 will have mod support, either by the community, or by NK releasing official tools, and we should take action when the time comes.

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  • Polyfix

    Boss Pictures!

    December 16, 2018 by Polyfix

    Recently, I got a new editing software which has a lot more content and I can make conception pictures! However, only bosses and (maybe?) normal bloons, because I am very bad at drawing towers.

    • E.D.G.E.
    • Light M.O.A.B.
    • Glitch B.A.D.

    You can use these pictures without permission, just give credits to me.

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