Anti-OP Bloon NoOP is a blue bloon Bloon. It is against OP things, because it itself is very weak, and wants to stop OP conceptions from being created. It has the same property as a regular Blue Bloon, but it doesn't always move on the track. It can be regarded as a "Good Bloon", depending whichever side is stronger.


Note: "Stronger side" and "Weaker side" is determined by total DPS for Monkeys, and total HP for Bloons.

Too OP!

Finds the entity (either Bloon or Tower) with the highest DPS (Either survivability or damage) and yells "Too OP!" at it. Does no effect on both sides, but living towers have a √25n% chance of being annoyed, with n being the number of times this ability is used.


Attempts to use Delreq on the stronger side. Fails 80% of the time.

Protecting the weak

Helps the weaker side, giving minor mental support. Bloons moves 2% faster. Monkeys (Living towers) attacks 5% more frequently. In other words, if it is helping you, then it implies that you are weak. lol Lasts until another ability usage.


Holds a sign (as shown in the original artwork) against OP things. Slows down living towers/bloon with <100HP by 10%. If a bloon/blimp with >500HP appears, it will stop performing this ability. Lasts at most for 1 minute.


  • I have seen quite much "OP Bloon" and thus some "Anti-OP Bloon" appearing as well. I sudden had this idea of a weak bloon protesting against OPness.
  • Too OP! is a user reference?
  • Okay, I have lost my meaning in making this because I have left it for too long...
  • And yeah, I only wanted to make a picture for fun. Anyway, here's a close up: BignoOP